Where can I find installable software for PoliceBox and Quvo?

Some of the software runs within my IT environment. I would like to download latest copies, so that I can have them installed and working as part of my provisioning tasks.


If you have a valid PoliceBox or Quvo subscription, you'll be familiar with the fact that some software is installed within your IT environment, whether for designing business processes or to run the "Integration Server".  The Integration Server is where PoliceBox or Quvo integrate with your IT systems, including any legacy systems you might be running.  

The Integration Server operates two key sets of functionality

  • Real-Time Interface Gateway (RIG) - provides searching and federated searching capabilities
  • Exporter Service - allows completed Tasks to be uploaded to your systems.  Can also send document attachments to specific entities via email.

This article provides links to download the software that you will need to complete your PoliceBox or Quvo setup.

Client Apps

If you are looking for PoliceBox or Quvo for your work device(s), your system administrator will ensure it can be deployed to you over-the-air.   Please contact your administrator in the first instance. 

Client Apps are compatible with Android and Chrome, iOS, Windows.  The Client App also supports Samsung DeX on compatible Samsung handsets.

App Designer

The App Designer allows you to build your own business processes, without the need for consultancy.  The App Designer is a "drag 'n drop" tool that makes the whole process easy, without the need for writing software.  Click on the correct link, depending on whether you are a PoliceBox or Quvo customer.

Exporter Service

The following link will download the Exporter Service, which must be installed.  We will provide you with details of the configuration of the Exporter Service in our detailed provisioning guide.  The Exporter Service comes with the Document Connector (mail-merge to word and PDF) as standard.


The following connectors have been created for specific customers.  We will usually indicate which are to be downloaded for use and will also guide you on how to configure each connector.

Real-Time Interface Gateway (RIG)

Links to download tools for the RIG will be provided here in due course.