What Field Types can I expect in the PoliceBox App

I am starting to get familiar with the PoliceBox App, but I might need to collect different types of information, from pictures to dates and times. What can I expect in the App?

Collecting information to either complete a Task, or to conduct some research so that you can begin a Task couldn't be easier with PoliceBox.   The App supports many different data types.  Those which are obvious from text to date and time are to be taken for granted.  Other data types that are featured allow you to capture complex information;  finger prints or ocr capture are available offerring a wide range of biometric and ease-of-capture capability from number plate recognition,  driving licences, passports and more!

The video takes you through some of the basics, but eventually you will get the hang of it.

Large Devices

02 Data Types - LargeDevices

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Small Devices

02 Data Types SmlDev

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