Learn to use the App Designer

You decide what business processes are to be put onto the platform. With the App Designer, business change is Agile and responsive. You don't need to wait for us to develop the software to make changes to those processes.

What is the App Designer?

The App Designer allows you to build business processes.  Those business processes become configuration understood by the Client App on your device(s), irrespective of device type or form factor.   The App Designer runs on Windows PCs.  

Who will use the App Designer?

It is unlikely to be a large population.   Whoever uses the App Designer, they will understand 'data' and they will (perhaps gradually) understand how your business processes need to work.  

Whether it is a direct replacement for paper forms or a refinement to an existing electronic way of working, knowing something of the bigger picture is helpful.  

What if you need help?

If you don't have your own people to help you understand your business processes, or how to translate them into the App Designer,  you can:

  • get your consultancy or outsourcing provider to do it for you, or
  • you can come to Coeus and we'll help you.  Our professional services packages are tailored to help you.

Why not check out our Learn, Grow, Evolve article which offers some ideas about how to proceed with your digital transformation journey.

Familiarisation Resources

Whether or not you'll be building your business processes 'in house', you'll be keen to develop your own familiarisation of the App Designer.

Here's the links to our familiarisation resources.  A journey from basic concepts to creating document templates or adding-in User Properties to complete field values which relate to your staff as they complete their Tasks