Learn to use the PoliceBox or Quvo App

How to I use the PoliceBox or Quvo App?

Our range of videos will show you the basics of using the app.  It will help you get used to the app quickly.   Don't forget to ask your team for training on individual processes that they have created in your PoliceBox or Quvo system as they will be specific to your organisation.

Here is a summarised list of our helpful training videos.  If you follow these from start to finish, completing the associated training Tasks along the way, you will receive a certificate from your PoliceBox system.

  1. Signing in
  2. Large Devices vs Small Devices
  3. Completing a simple Task
  4. Tour of Field Types
  5. Taking Signatures
  6. Repeating Fields
  7. Sub Tasks for collecting more complex information
  8. Conditional Logic
  9. Copying and Pasting data between Tasks

If you believe that you would like additional training articles, tips and 'how tos', why not let us know?   Use the chat window on this site, or drop an email to the Service Desk.