How does PoliceBox and Quvo behave on different devices?

We have a range of different devices in our organisation, from hand held devices to laptops. We would like to know how PoliceBox and Quvo adapts to these different device types?


PoliceBox and Quvo are built in a way that makes them cross-compatible for a range of different device types and form factors, from hand-held devices, to tablets and laptops, across the different operating systems including iOS, Windows and Android.   

This article explains how the app works, and some of the ways in which the app behaves, depending on the device being used.  We have prepared a short video that you can watch to see the differences in app behaviour.

User Role

It is possible for your organisation to purchase devices which truly match the role of the user.  A surveillance operative or a person involved in door-to-door work (such as meter readings) will no doubt be better off with a hand-held device.  Whereas someone involved in case work or other role which involves lots of typing will prefer a latop or a tablet device. 

Samsung DeX®

There's no reason why a tablet couldn't be accompanied with a bluetooth keyboard.  But, have you considered Samsing Dex?  PoliceBox and Quvo apps are compatible with DeX.  You can use a DeX 'dock' or a 'Mirabook' to extend the capability of a hand-held device into an enterprise computing device.   Simply buy a hand-held device rather than both a phone and a laptop.  It could reduce IT costs to the organisation while reducing the amount of equipment that staff have to carry.

Small Devices

Typically, these are hand-held devices. Smart phones being a great example.  The app presents Tasks in a field-by-field manner, where the User can use 'swipe gestures' to navigate between fields. 

Larger Devices

Larger form-factor devices include Tablets and Laptops.   When a DeX capable device is plugged into a 'dock' or a 'Mirabook' it too is transformed into a larger device and the app will intelligently display the screen as a larger device.

Tasks are displayed with fields in a top-down manner, simply scroll up and down to navigate between fields and the Map screen rises to prominence as the main landing screen after the user has logged in.

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