How does a User know whether they are working 'offline'?

To help support our frontline workers, we would like there to be diagnostic tools on the App. How does a User know whether they are working 'offline'?


Right from the outset, we built the Client App with you, the User, in mind.    It is often the case that a you will make some mistake trying to get logged in.   Other issues might be related to a lack of network connectivity, which can be either:

  • No coverage - To resolve, move to another location. 
  • Mobile Data/Wifi settings are turned off (Airplane mode) - Turn them back on to rectify.

What happens when I'm offline?

Well, if you're offline, you won't be able to perform searches of back-end system.  Back-end systems are typically the source of 'fresh' and 'accurate' information but you need to be on the network to use them.  

Most of the time, if you are 'offline' you will still be able to login to the App.   Where it is possible to login, you can create new Tasks and collect information.  While you're offline, those Tasks will be stored in your App and will be automatically sent as soon as the network connection is restored.  

How can I tell if I'm online or offline?

We have the handy 'connection status' screen that'll tell you if there's a connectivity problem.  It is available from the context menu.   This is the three vertical dots in the top-right of the App.  it is accessible from the Login screen, as well as from the main menu screen if you happen to be logged in already.

If there are no connection issues, then each of the icons in the screen will appear 'green' as we show in the next screenshot.

If you cannot login, despite "all green", then you are not 'offline', and there is a problem with your login credentials.  Either a password problem, or your account is locked out.  If your account is locked out you'll need to contact your own system administrators to get help.

What are the reasons for being "offline"?

There's a handful of reasons.  They often occur when first logging in, as you need to provide some connection details which you receive in your 'joining instructions'.   Watch the below video to see how to check the connection status and get some insight into the reasons for login difficulties.

HubSpot Video