How do I Login to PoliceBox or Quvo?

I'm new to PoliceBox and Quvo. I'd like to know how I login to the system so I can carry out Tasks for my organisation.


If your organisation has given you access to PoliceBox or Quvo, they will also have provided you with some joining instructions.  Often they will indicate that you use your corporate login details to get logged in to the app.  You may even need to use an Authenticator app to obtain and input a code.  

Once you have those joining instructions, you can use this article to view how to login to the app.   The app also integrates with the security systems on your device, so it is easy to get back in after a short period of time.   

Logging-in for the first time?

If your PoliceBox or Quvo app is newly installed, then there is a little additional work to do.  Your joining instructions will provide the details you need. But, in summary, you will need to enter the following information before attempting to login:

PoliceBox / Quvo URL

Can be company/organisation specific.  Tells the app where it can find the cloud instance of PoliceBox/Quvo.

System Key This is the identifier for your company/organisation. 

Here is an example of the connection settings screen.  While this is from a Windows device, the layout is identical irrespective of device.

About the App

When the PoliceBox or Quvo app is installed on your device, it will understand whether it is a large device, such as a Laptop or a Tablet, or whether it is a smaller device such as a smart phone.   

PoliceBox and Quvo are designed to fully integrate with modern, cloud-first enterprise systems.  It is compatible with a variety of Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms, including Microsoft Intune.  The app can be whitelisted in the MDM and pushed to devices over-the-air.

We have prepared videos for each type, so that you can see the login process, in action, for yourself.  We certainly encourage you to watch each video so you can begin to see the power and flexibility of the system.

Large Devices

HubSpot Video

This video shows the app running on a Windows device which has been integrated into Microsoft Intune.  But the same principles will apply if you are running the app on a Tablet.   Did you know that the app is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android, as well as Chrome OS?

Small Devices

HubSpot Video

This video shows the app running on a Samsung Android smart phone which has the Knox workspace container linked to Microsoft Intune. 

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