How do I do Digital Transformation?

If you've done some digital transformation work, but not all of it, or even none at all, we can help to de-mystify the process for you. Use our Learn, Grow, Evolve ethos.

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There always has to be a starting place.   Learn what needs to be done, while you are still learning you'll get an idea of some of the stuff you can do now, those simple processes - even if it is just getting a witness statement, or ordering some uniform. 

Develop a network of 'champion' Users.  They don't necessarily need to be fully experienced in your business processes, just need to see the benefits immediately and are willing to act as the go-between in terms of:

  • Helping to Train other users
  • Refining the processes with you
  • Offering feedback and insight, either of their own also from other users

During this time, the immediate refinement can be that of driving up data quality.  Especially if you are removing paper based processes which everyone seems to be unable to complete correctly.

While all this is going on, you can be using the positive feedback of the users, to sway opinion, develop wider buy-in and perform that all important analysis on the more complex business processes.


Even at the learning stage, there are opportunities to grow, by linking to some back-end systems, those which are easier to attain.  Perhaps even if its just converting information digitally collected in the Client App to PDF or word documents so they continue to resemble the original paper as a starting point.

From there you can stretch the platform to really demonstrate its capabilities.  Plugging in to back-end systems a plenty.  Dive deeper into exporting completed Tasks so that they go to (perhaps multiple) back-end systems, even helping to enable parallel running for back-end systems replacement programmes.

Enable Searching and Tasking.   With searching, you can perform federated searches, empowering the frontline while reducing load on control rooms or planning centres.


With your platform ever nearer 'nirvana' in terms of empowering your workforce, you can raise the profile of your organisation as a centre of excellence in digital transformation.  

Develop your partnerships further by extending interoperability and integration beyond your organisational walls.   Ensure that information collected in your platform is delivered accurately and timely.  Whether that is to satisfy a simple set of SLAs or perhaps to the benefit of wider public safety.


Your digital transformation journey certainly does not need to be linear.  As your confidence, and your use of the platform grows, you will be able to tackle more business processes and bring your stakeholders along with you.  You don't have to wait for all aspects of your integration with back-end systems to be ready before integrating them into your Task Designs. 

If you don't have your own internal resources to perform any of:

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Business Process Configuration (App Designer)
  • Platform Integration (Software Development)
then you can engage your own consultants, or you can engage with us and make use of our professional services.  You can still reap the benefits as a leader in modern digital transformation.