How do I copy and paste information between Tasks in Quvo?

I need to copy some information from one Task and paste it into another as they are both about the same job I am working on. How do I do it?

Copying and Pasting data is a process known as Cloning in Quvo.  The App Designer provides a data dictionary which allows the copy and paste of data to take place.  There are a small number of methods of copy and paste which are shown in this video. 

The App Designer also allows a business rule so that certain Tasks can only be created if there is an instance of a Task already present from which to have information paste in.  

This is the final video in the familiarisation training series.  If you have been following it with us, you will use some of the previously completed Tasks to create and complete this one.  Watch out for your certificate of completion!.

07 Cloning Data

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