How do I capture a person's signature?

Quvo and PoliceBox have a specialist data type for capturing signatures. A signature has a (digital) affect on the data that has been collected so that non-repudiation is maintained.

The ability to capture a person's signature for data collection validation purposes is incredibly important to your work.   That's why PoliceBox & Quvo have a specialist data type for it.

When a signature is collected, it is 'bound' to the fields around it:

When used in a Section within a Task. Signature is bound to the fields in that section.   Good for counter-signatures from legal guardians, for example.
When used as a field on its own, in the last Section in a Task Signature is bound to the entire set of fields in the Task.  This is good for witness statements and other important casework where the person must 'sign off' that they are content with the material collected.

In addition, the Signature data type is a complex data type.  This means that it carries with it the date & time that the signature was collected within the data type itself.   This date & time can be used in export connectors, including the Document Connector which comes with the Integration Server (Exporter Service) as standard.   It means that you don't need to add separate "signature date" fields into the Task design canvas, in the App Designer.

We have prepared a video showing how it is possible to acquire a person's signature.

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