App Designer Concepts

This is the second in our series of familiarisation articles relating to the App Designer.

What is this article about?

In this article we will look a little bit more into 'Design', 'Configure', and 'Deploy'. The main concepts of the App Designer.

If you don't already know 'how it works' go back and check that article out and then come back here.

What you will need.

You will need...

  • App Designer installed on your PC
  • Your account 'on boarded'  in the platform (check with your system administrators)
  • At least the  'Designers' role.  If you are going to deploy configuration, then you will also need the 'Publishers' role.

Learn, Grow, Evolve.

You will already have understood that the App Designer helps you deploy business processes to your frontline workers.  This drag & drop app allows you to do that in a short space of time, far quicker than the more traditional pathways of IT systems delivery.   Your use of the App Designer could be aligned to our Learn, Grow, Evolve concept of achieving digital transformation.


Design, Configure, Deploy

Your business process analysis exercise will set you on your journey of discovery.  How to move a particular process, however complex, into your PoliceBox or Quvo platform.     Once you have understood the entities & data items, logic complexity, processing and output of data, and have mapped that out in some form of documentation, you will be able to start designing your business process, starting with ensuring that those entities are adequately represented in the Data Dictionary, so they can be used on any Task design.


  • The Data Dictionary is where you build the fields that will be used on your business processes. 
  • Perhaps fields relate to specific entities (e.g. Person, Object, Location, Event).  
  • Once those fields have been created, you can use them on any Task design. 
  • Fields perhaps relating to entities can be added to different/relevant Sub Tasks
  • Utilise those Sub Task in multiple 'parent' Task designs.
  • Divide fields into Sections, perhaps linked to specific parts of a process.  Make navigation easy.


  • Drag & Drop makes the whole process easy.   Create a business process with sections and logic quickly.
  • Allocate to select User groups for initial feedback, then iterative refinements.
  • Add Integration features to allow the data to be exported, or for searching to take place.
  • Set up any conditional logic using field context properties.


  • Allocate to wider User groups, expand as piloting and general adoption improves.
  • Publish as configuration, make the changes immediately available to all devices.
  • Rollback configuration if needed, where issues are noted.


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